• I have to say I was very impressed with this place. I hardly ever go and venture far from home to see a chiropractor. The staff is on point and always welcome me with a smile! The doctor himself is very knowledgable and besides that he goes above and beyond to make sure that I am comfortable and he gives me tips on how to improve my overall lifestyle. Like incorporating meditation! I would highly recommend coming here. He also offers other services as well to benefit a lifestyle change!
  • I can not say how much relief I have received... I came to this office in severe pain, Dr. D said I had several muscle spasms at one time which was causing my back, neck, and shoulder pain which was shooting pains into my head... after some electro-therapy, massage and alignment I feel so much better. Dr. Do and his wife Katie and assistant Mrs. My are so warm and welcoming. I could not have asked for a better experience. I do have an acute situation so I have been put on a therapy regimen but the major strain and pain that brought me in has subsided a great deal. Thank you!!!
  • I voted for 6 stars service! Thank you very much .
  • I am really appreciate Doctor 's treatment and take care patients of office's staffs. My healthy is getting better and better everyday. Thank you very much Dr. Thang Do. Thanks so much. :)
  • Great chiropractic center and Dr. Do is always on his best when treating patients. Thanks Kim. :)
  • Nicole W. | Body Contouring | 17 minutes ago I am very pleased with healing boutiques, the customer service is incredible. Extremely satisfied with results.
  • Awesome service! Dr. DO is very knowledgeable and he knows what he is doing. My back is much better since I started seeing him. I recommend his practice. Read this review on Yelp
  • Friendly front desk staff, amazing care, and a staff of therapists that genuinely care about your needs. Dr. Do has shown an immense amount of dedication and compassion towards making sure I was comfortable during my session, also educated about how to improve my mobility and reduce future injuries. They also offer holistic ways to live a healthy lifestyle and staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and have a personal trainer to help you reach any fitness goals you desire. Overall my experience was fantastic!

  • The doctor and his care staff are very respectful, understanding, and they run a great facility. My back and neck feel 1000 times better than they did when I first started treatment a few months ago. I'm also doing the laser lipo and just a few treatments I've lost over an inch on my waist! I recommend Healing Boutiques. Joe M
  • Really enjoyed my first visit! Went in for an adjustment for a stiff neck and dr thang walked me through his entire routine including traction table, light rehab work, massage, and Russian astronaut vibration machine! Felt great and will be going back next week. Super friendly. Read this review on Google Reviews
  • The Best Service Ever!!! Dr. DO, is really effective and best at what he does...I will definitely continue to use his services. A healthy life makes it a happy life!!!
    Susan Saki
  • The staff here are wonderful and kind. The equipment is clean, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Dr.Thang Do is very knowledge in his practice, I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND anyone to go see them. See the review on Facebook by clicking the link below.
    Spoyaled Rottin
  • He has really relieved my neck, back and some knee pain. See the review on Facebook by clicking the link below.​
    Facebook review by Diann James:
  • "Prepping for Marine Corps Marathon by visiting to Dr Thang Do in his Fairfax office right off of Arlington Blvd this morning!!! His office is a one-stop-shop from chiropractor to physical therapist to sports medicine to even weight loss! He's been working on my IT band which prevented my knees from hurting after the Army Ten Miler run last week. People, you should let him work on you before Spartan Beast. It really will help your big race!"
    Testimony 1
  • "That was really good. I suffered my neck for 30 years. When I came here, after 2 sessions, I can move my neck back and forth. I couldn't do it before. He "cracked" my neck twice. It's all gone.
    Testimony 2
  • Doctor Thang Do and his staff have provided an outstanding and professional care to their patients. My family loves Dr. Do who is a very nice and caring doctor. My children and I have felt a tremendous improvement since we started seeing him. We all feel very relaxed as well as comfortable after each visit. I would also like to say thank you to my good friend who recommended Dr. Do when she heard that I had a bad neck pain. Dr. o, not only helps his patients getting healthier, but also gave us a big discount. I will definitely recommend Dr. Do to anyone. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy life! Better for all!”
    Testimony 3
  • “When I first got here my back was tight in all sorts of spots. It caused discomfort throughout the day and made it really hard to stay focused or motivated. As treatment has continued I noticed slowly but surely that the pain was going away. I feel much more loose and energetic.  I went from cracking my back a few times an hour to a few times a day. For anyone with back or neck discomfort, I highly recommend a few sessions.”
    Testimony 4
  • “I came to Healing Boutiques to try the laser-like lipo program. I honestly did not expect a miracle and would have been happy with just a small amount of fat loss. After just 3 sessions in only 1 week, I lost 2 ½” around my waist – and my skin looks tighter already I highly recommend laser-like services from the Healing Boutiques. Amazing results”
    Testimony 5
  • “Dr. Thang Do,   I am writing to express my gratitude for the treatment I received at your hands last month. I appreciate your incredible care.   I wanted to explore an option that would not traumatize my body to lose body fat. I exercise regularly and ate right but my stubborn belly fat would not go away. I was skeptical at first with your weight-loss program but just 8 sessions with you I were very satisfied with the results.   You are patient, friendly, consistent, and incredibly supportive of an individual’s needs. Your treatment with a holistic approach is sensible and empowering.
    Viet Nguyen, Ph.D.
  • “I’ve never been to a chiropractor until last week. But I’m surprised and impressed by how relaxing and effective it is. My back feels much more open and relaxed. I also thought it might be painful – lots of pushing and cracking – but it isn’t.”
    Testimony 7

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