Learn about the new weight loss options

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History of chiropractic
March 13, 2017
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September 25, 2017
Learn about the new weight loss options 2

Learn about the new weight loss options

Nowadays it is becoming more popular to have the perfect body, slender figure and look like television models, losing weight is the first step in this goal and is something as popular as fashion.

Losing weight is one of the reasons why many people are going to cosmetic centers looking for new and better alternatives to achieve their goal, and not only to lose weight but also to stay and not recover those pounds that were lost with so much sacrifice.

Learn about the new weight loss optionsIn this article we want to tell you a little about some options that are innovating the world of beauty, practical, easy and cheap options that accompanied by a good diet and a little physical activity not only will help to lose weight but also to stay in the goal; let’s begin.


is a non-invasive technique, which consists of incorporating carbon dioxide (CO2) through small injections to the areas with the greatest increase of adipose tissue. This procedure allows the dissolution of that fat adhered to the body, which is eliminated through the urine after drinking abundant liquid; in about three days you may notice weight loss and a flatter abdomen.

We highlight about this method that also helps to eliminate microcirculation in the lower limbs, it helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and beautifies the skin.


In the same way as the liposuction procedure is performed, physiological solution is injected in the certain areas of the body where fat or cellulite is mostly stored but in this case mixed with fat burners and in smaller quantity. Performing the procedure a lymphatic drainage which must be repeated every other day for 3 sessions and with ultrasound of galvanic waves. This procedure is more effective when losing weight because you can see results from the fifth day.


This is the new alternative, which is the boom to lose weight, which consists of placing a mesh on the tongue attached with a few small points on it which is removed in 22 days approximately. This procedure decreases the appetite and increases the fluid intake, obtaining excellent results.


We must mention that this alternative is a bit painful, as they massage on areas that have increased adipose tissue. In this case does not help to lose weight but allows reaffirming skin and muscles, thus avoiding the pounds that were eliminated, leaving behind their consequences.

In addition to the techniques mentioned, there are others extraordinary alternative treatments for weight loss; you can find more information here. It is important to note at this point that all these procedures for weight loss should be performed by qualified professionals and they should have adequate sanitary measures, thus avoiding health damage or any other type of inconvenience.

Remember that more than losing weight due to body beauty or aesthetics, it is more important to lose weight for our health and the care of our body.

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