History of chiropractic

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Lose weight through alternative treatments
March 10, 2017
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Learn about the new weight loss options
March 15, 2017
History of chiropractic 2

History of chiropractic

Nothing comes out of nowhere, yet creation has a history, multiple theories, and endless arguments. In the same way the chiropractic has a history and a background of why and the purpose of it.

Reading or talking about history is often tedious, and for many it is quite boring; but in this type of cases it is very important to know where chiropractic arises since we cannot lend our body to a procedure that we do not know; we are sure that you will like it because it is pretty interesting.

History of chiropracticChiropractic emerged in the late 19th century, a time of great changes and increasing public awareness of the incredible possibilities regarding to science, technology and social organization. That century saw the twilight of the machines era and marked the beginning of wonders such as steamboat, railroad, telegraph, and mass production on the assembly lines.

It was also a time of great turmoil in the US, and the Civil War destroyed the country and families. There were physical and psychic wounds that no doctor could cure. Spiritualism grew in popularity when people longed to contact the loved ones lost. From these points arise medicines like the heroic one that was quite orthodox and the policy that only served to justify the orders, but no one was giving the result that the wounded inhabitants expected.

Chiropractic beginnings:

The birth of chiropractic begins from 1886, when Daniel David (“D.D.”) Palmer opened his first practice as a magnetist in Burlington, the doctors regulation was still a novelty in Hawkeye State. Encouraged by the belief that he had a personal excess of vital magnetic energy. He offered his services to the many suspicious patients of orthodox medicine. Palmer adopted the title of “Doctor,” as it was accustomed at that time and took his job worrying little by the intrusion of its allopathic competitors.

After 9 years of clinical and theorizing experience, D.D. decided that inflammation was the essential feature of every disease. With his sensitive fingers, Palmer sought to locate inflammation in his patients. His magnetic treatment included applying the excess of his vital magnetic energy in the zone of inflammation to cool it down.

From this moment, the chiropractic shows excellent results, becoming the news of the moment and thus causes to be the front page of the newspapers of that time. Everybody was talking about chiropractic. Taking advantage of this, they decide to start teaching and growing this practice.

This is a very small summary because chiropractic currently provides great benefits for muscle and joint pain. We want to close with this thought of the founder of the chiropractic. “Pressure on nerves causes irritation and tension with deranged functions as a result.  Why not release the pressure?  Why not adjust the cause instead of treating the effects?  Why not?” (Palmer, 1896) (Thought taken from the Basic Chiropractic Handbook).

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