5 benefits of auriculotherapy

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March 1, 2017
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How to keep a healthy mind and body
March 6, 2017
5 benefits of auriculotherapy 1

5 benefits of auriculotherapy

One of the oldest practices of natural and traditional medicine or Chinese medicine is auriculotherapy; for those who do not know what it is, it is a technique that uses points on the skin of the atrium (external ear) to diagnose, treat pain and medical conditions of the body.

The materials used to perform auriculotherapy are the same needles used in acupuncture, or also can be used micro leads that are placed with a special strip and are left for a certain time, maximum 15 days.

5 benefits of auriculotherapyNowadays, auriculotherapy is taking more strength, this is because conventional medicine has not managed to have the best results for the pains that cancer causes, and auriculotherapy is marvelously accomplishing this result

The above mentioned is one of the many benefits that auriculotherapy gives us, this is why we are going to specifically mention five benefits that this technique gives us. Let´s see.

Fight overweight:

One of the biggest demands of people who go to auriculotherapy is to lose weight, because of the help that can provide this therapy to this purpose. This is one of the benefits that can be achieved, as it not only helps prevent fluid retention and eliminates toxins, but also fights the anxiety that is experienced when dieting.

This therapy helps in the thinning process, but by itself does not cause weight loss and requires a healthy and balanced diet, combined with

This therapy helps in the thinning process, but by itself does not cause weight loss and requires a healthy and balanced diet, combined with regular practice of some physical activity.

Gynecological disorders:

Another field in which it has a great demand is in the gynecological for its proven results trying different problems like dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain). It is also advisable when you suffer an abrupt cessation of menstruation due to large uterine spasms, which can also cause problems for a woman to become pregnant since the contractions are so strong that the sperm passage is blocked.

Pain management:

Specialists in this alternative therapy assure that it has great results in the treatment of different types of pain such as sciatica, headaches, or neuralgias, as well as functional and organic disorders such as constipation, asthma, vertigo or insomnia.

Psychological approaching:

The emotional disorders such as anxiety, stress or depression. The release of endorphins manages to positively alter the body and makes the patient find a better predisposition to deal with everyday situations.

Gain weight:

as well as it helps in losing weight, it allows the gain of the same for those who require it, through the appropriate points in auriculotherapy, it increases appetite

An additional advantage of auriculotherapy compared to acupuncture, with which it is closely linked, is that working with spheres in surface contact with the skin avoids any risk of infection caused by needle pricks.

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