Recommended Products

I have had a great experience with Kangen Water that have helped my kids and I.  I used to have dry and cracked skin during each winter, and one type of food allergy, cherry.  I am still trying to see if I can eat certain types of fruits and seasoning grass hay in coming Spring 2018.  I will keep you posted on my progression.  Two of my sons, who have eczema and acne respectively, do not have eczema anymore and much less acne in only two months of using it.  I want to share this and I know that it will not be easy to deliver the whole concept how it all works.  I recommend that you give us a call and we can direct you on where to begin.  For now, please visit:


I also have had an experience on the products from  One of the products that has intrigued me the most was called “Hemohim.”  It is a natural herbal extracting complex.  It was developed through the years of research by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute as a national project.  It is patented in Korea, the United States, Japan, & Europe.  It is a functional health supplement that gives a boost to your immune system.  It helps the body in harmony by increasing the number of immunocytes, or by increasing its functions to protect us from harmful pathogens.